Surveys show that Latgale is the most popular tourist destination in Latvia. Local tourists recognized that there is something to see and enjoy. Attractions for families, tour groups and motorcyclists as well as history buffs,
art and rural exoticism. We often hear phrases: “What to see in Latgale? What to see in Preili? Where in Latgale can I relax with my family? Where to eat? ”.. so we will try to briefly describe the most interesting sights in the vicinity of Preili.


Preili manor complex and park

Preili Manor (Preiļu muiža) - one of the three large manor complexes preserved in Latgale, located in the town of Preili (Preiļi)
In addition to the palace itself, a heavily damaged but impressive stable was preserved on the territory of the complex. And also the house of the guard of the palace gates and the chapel built-in 1817. The local park of regular planning (XVIII-XIX centuries) keeps traces of its former splendor. It was one of the best landscape parks in the Baltic States, with a complex system of ponds and canals with islands.


Here you can take a look at the result of a fantasy of artist Jeļena Mihailova and her hand work. In the yard of the house you can view two miniature castles with gorgeous bridges, towers and watermills. Visitors gladly take photos on the background of the castles. To make things more romantic, Jeļena, with the help of her team, created handmade costumes of the particular era for adults and kids.

The yard of the house is completed with many antique elements. In the dollhouse, a splendid fairytale and imagination world opens up, one, in which the main characters are the dolls, that were hand-made by the artist. The spectr of compositions is wide; the artist has created her world in great detail.

House of ceramics of P.Čerņavskis

in which one can follow the development of the ceramist beginning the creation of simple everyday dishes to distinct and complex forms of decorative ceramics, enjoy the craftsman's color palette and the diversity of ornaments. The ceramists offer the visitors:

  • to watch how a ceramist creates a vase on a lathe;

  • to try out bowl turning and creating (you can take your creation with you or receive it via mail later, once it's been fired);

  • tours for pupils, team games about household dishes and getting to know Latgallian names of them;

  • a special program is developed for events (weddings, anniversaries, etc);

  • you can buy creations of the ceramists;

  • you can order a special item that will be either given to you personally or sent via courier mail;

  • spend time in an exciting way with your family and friends!

Helix farm

Helix farm „Ošu mājas”
Very near to Preiļi, approximately 500 m behind town’s border towards Daugavpils, is situated a farm “Ošu mājas”, whose owners are occupied with rather non-traditional, to Latgale non-characteristic and modern agricultural production – helix farming. We offer: A visit to the snail farm, which includes an in-depth narrative and vision of snail life, physiology, processing and recycling, as well as a tasting of snail meat, made with original local recipes, complemented by Latvian drinks - self-made birch juice and mint tea.

Museum of history and applied arts of Preiļi

The mission of the museum is to promote the material and immaterial values of previous generations of local residents and creations of our time, by giving the possibility to get acquainted with a variety of collections, expositions, exhibitions, and educational and informative events. The museum has over 20 thousand historical items, that reflect the development of local culture, education, and economy, as well as the impact of remarkable local residents in the history of Preiļi municipality and the history of Latvia. The main collection holds pottery of Polikarps Čerņavskis and works of Preiļi ceramists, as well as visual art, textiles, ethnographic objects, photos, documents, Latgallian artists paintings, and graphics.

BMX Track

This is the only BMX track in Preili, located in the core of Preili Beach
Competitions are also taking place on the track! Near the track there is an open cafe "Pampūkas", where you can try homemade ice cream and pancakes. There is also a well-kept beach nearby. Here you can have a good rest, relax and spend the summer in the city!

Track for motocross and enduro


Enduro and motocross track -  for training. The track is 1200 meters long and 5 meters wide. The tracks are covered with black soil and sand. 


Horse farm "Trīs vītolu staļļi"

The herd consists of specially bred horses. In Riebiņi, horses spend time from birth until they turn 2 years old. Every day the horses are taken out in the pasture for them to run around, play and enjoy the fresh air. The horses get used to people and learn basic norms of behavior. They enjoy playing around, having fun in the snow and swimming. Ltd "Trīs vītolu staļļi" (in English - "Three willow stables") name originates from the fact, that nearby the stables there is a large willow and two other willows were planted in an equal distance from it. When they grow up, several generations of horses will have grown up in Riebiņi. 


Pizza, coffee, coffee drinks, lunch, set meals, sweet dishes, desserts, holiday tables, parties, soft drinks, Preili cheese soup.


Tattoos, permanent makeup