NESTER CUSTOM BIKE created and redesigned, upgraded in a single copy with a unique design and character of a motorcycle, with the aim to emphasize and feel the emotional power of the motorcycle. Our motorcycles are designed to crush and delight. We offer rental for photos and videos, decoration of holidays, weddings and celebrations.

"BYCHARA" motorcycle stylized and looks like a bull. Powerful rear wheel, engine capacity of 1100 cubic centimeters and 120 horsepower, makes the driver think how to tame this beast.


KAWASAKI GPZ 1100 power unit 1986
working volume of 1100 m3 4-cylinder, injector
120 horsepower
fuel tank capacity 7 liters, consumption 10l \ 100km
size of the rear wheel 240 \ 40 \ 18
the size of the front 110 \ 90 \ 18
number of seats 2
front air hydraulic plug
dry frame without rear shock
forward flow silencers
chain drive

"MATRYOSH" elegantly built and decorated in the Khokhloma style which makes this masterpiece status as luxury and celebration.

IG Jupiter 2 power unit 1968
Working volume of 347 m3 2-cylinder
19 horsepower
gas tank 18 liters
power system carburetor
drum brakes
seating capacity 3
fuel consumption 7l \ 100km

"STREKOZ" Repaired and rebuilt after been broken with a mileage of 500 km. Then it has been upgraded with some visual changes.

working volume 1000 m3 4-cylinder, injector
abs, traction control
flow rate from 4.5 to 10 liters per 100 km (depending on how you drop)
the ability to install 3 bags
excellent diving farmer

"VIOLATION" A custom bike is built breaking all the usual perception of forms and a certain details arrangement of a motorcycle. The name reflects and underlines the very essence of a "Custom" culture.

power unit YAMAHA XV1100 1996 GV
working volume is 1100 m3 2-cylinder, V-type
cardan drive

"RED STYLE" is designed by Nester Custom. The motorcycle has a slight visual change according to Nester Custom's vision, leaving the original shape. The original color is kept and covered with a transparent rust converter which makes a fantastic effect. A copy of the DKW RT125 has produced at the Minsk (Belarus) factory since 1951 and has a 4,5 hp powerful engine.

" Kasik"

Motorcycle "Dnieper K-750" Restoration work in 2015.

Weight 318 kg,

 Power 26 Hp