Who or what did say us that all limning of law is true and work for the good of man!? While a law allows dust in eyes covered a population by safety, it continues to exist due to taxpayers and feeds due to "violators". When his payers plead for mercy a law being a predator and creature, does not find in itself compassion and mercy. Continuing the nasty and merciless existence law from year to year, promotes the affected zone and aggravates life for people that carry a benefit to society, but not on the dead and callous system "law", and because it orders the soul, heart, and reason of man! Law is not God or mother to respect him. Law is the system of contradictions that is based on human fear as punishment. People that got up on the way of performers of law throw away the opportunity to make a decision from the soul and on the voice of heart, because understand that then what they serve will knock out them from the zone of comfort and will inject the poison of contradiction.